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How Copenhagen Beerwalk works

How does Copenhagen Beerwalk work? Caption Text4 Hvordan fungerer Copenhagen Beerwalk?
  • Q. What do you get when you buy a Copenhagen Beerwalk?

    You get a package that can be used in all the bars marked on the map. In the package there is a tasting glass of 15 cl. There is also a leaflet with a map where the bars are marked including a short description of each bar. You decide whether you want to visit five bars or fewer. There are also five beer tokens in the package. When you hand in a token to the bartender, you get your tasting glass filled with good draft beer .

  • Q. When can you use Copenhagen Beerwalk?

    It is entirely up to you. If you have purchased or received a package in 2018, the tokens also apply throughout 2019. It is up to you at which time you want to go for a beerwalk, but the bartenders will have most time to tell you about the different beers in the afternoon and early weekday evenings. It's a good idea always to check the opening hours of the bars here on this website or on the bar's sites.

  • Q. Do I get to choose which bars I want to visit?

    Yes, but you obviously have to choose among the bars that are part of the Copenhagen Beerwalk. You can use all your tokens in one or choose to visit five different bars and have your tasting glass filled in each these bars. We recommend visiting different bars to experience their individual charm and the various parts of the city. You can mix and visit bars in four different areas of Copenhagen. The order is determined by you. Remember to check the bars opening hours

  • Q. What do I do if I have beer tokens left?

    If you have purchased or received a beerwalk package in 2018, the tokens also apply throughout 2019.

  • Q. Can I choose which beer I want?

    As a rule, yes. There are a few bars that have some very expensive draft beer, which is not a part of the Copenhagen Beerwalk . Ask the bar.

  • Q. Why is there no beer bars included in the district of Amager?

    Until now, we have chosen bars in the districts Østerbro, Nørrebro, Vesterbro and Inner City, because there are some good pubs, which like us focus on good beer culture and having a certain number beer taps. We aim to include bars in Frederiksberg and Amager in 2019.

  • Q. Where can I buy a Copenhagen Beerwalk?

    You can buy our packages at some of the bars that are part of Copenhagen Beerwalk, in a few shops and at three tourist informations. You can find a list here Get your own copenhagen beerwalk glass . Du kan også købe æskerne online Webshop på dette site.

  • Q. Can I use my tokens in several neighborhoods?

    Yes, you are welcome to mix visits to pubs in the four different districts.